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Eduardo Mioto







Santa Catarina - BR



+10 years of experience working with software architecture, software engineering and applied research, currently a Engineering Manager and Innovative Leader at BeatStars, the the World's #1 Marketplace to buy and sell beats.

Former Lead Software Architect at Philips, impacting people's lives through technology in healthcare.

Former Lead Software Architect and Head of Physical Payments at Zoop, it was a pursuit of the most efficient ways to deliver the fastest and most reliable payment transactions ever made in card-present.

Former Software Engineer on General Electric, improving products and research for our customers by using advanced techniques of software development, relational and non-relational databases, distributed architecture, and agile development.

Former Senior System Analyst at Accenture, were led demands with the Delivery Center on the Philippines, using a robust and complex architecture to maintain one of the biggest telecommunication Brazilian enterprise's Portal, having 9 million of unique clients.

My Work Experience



Experience :


Texas (USA)
2022 - Present

Engineering Manager / Innovative Leader

Major Duties

Leader of leaders

Managing a team composed of 17 people (6 in Portugal and 11 in the Americas), being 7 direct reports and 10 indirect reports

On the given headcount, 3 were leaders and 14 were individual contributors, divided into Mobile, Frontend and Backend

Responsible for setting and achieving the team's goals

Responsible to execute 1:1, with or without our direct manager

Providing thought leadership, technical direction, and mentoring for developers

Determining project requirements and developing work schedules for the team

Liaising with team members, management, and clients to ensure projects are completed to the standard

Ensure best practices are followed and own the continuous improvement of yourself and the codebase

Identifying risks and forming contingency plans as soon as possible

Analyzing existing operations and scheduling training sessions and meetings to discuss improvements

Participating in an Agile development environment

Performing troubleshooting as required

Motivating staff and creating a space where they can ask questions and voice their concerns

Being transparent with the team about challenges, failures, and successes

Hiring and termination decision

Technical Detailing

BackEnd: Java 15, Gradle, Jacoco, Spring Boot, Sonar

FrontEnd: Angular

Infrastructure: AWS

Data: DynamoDB, Aurora, OpenSearch

Versioning: Git

Performance: Datadog

Containers or Virtualization: Docker, Docker-Compose

Protocols: HTTPs w/ REST, HTTPs w/ GraphQL, AMQP

Industry Compliance: GDPR , LGPD

Philips Clinical Informatics

Blumenau (Brazil)
2021 to 2022

Lead Software Architect

Major Accomplishments

Deployment of the biggest brazilian EMR around the world

Philips EMR Tasy electronic medical record win ‘Best in KLAS’ awards EMR - KLAS Award

Major Duties

Leader of leaders

Lead a team composed of 15 members (in the biggest formation), being 10 located in Brazil and 5 in India. Expanding to 20 (11 in Brazil and 9 in India) in the next months

Participate in the creation of architectures consistent with project roadmaps, platform strategies, governance policy, and standards.

Defines and develops the software architecture and the design of applications

Proposing, validate, and/or documenting Architectural Decisions based on functional and non-functional requirements according to the established architectural and design guidelines;

Advise projects on technology and architecture trends they need for their decision making and external engagements

Considers technical boundary conditions (e.g. non-functional requirements) as well as economic aspects;

Supports make-or-buy decisions and identify off-the-shelf components that can be used;

Guide and support development teams in a global multi-location environment, mostly located in Brazil, USA and India

Works in an Agile Team and support other team members in their learning journey;

Follows technical developments and technological trends regarding software development.

Follow industry-standard applications development techniques, patterns, and practices.

Technical Detailing

SME: Software Architecture, AWS, Cloud Foundry, Java, Performance Improv., Profiling, Linux

Agile: SAFe, Scrum + Kanban

BackEnd: Java 1.8, Gradle, Jacoco, Weld, Guice, Hibernate, Sonar, Apache Camel

FrontEnd: React

Infrastructure: AWS, Cloud Foundry, HSDP

Database: MongoDB, Oracle

Versioning: Git

API Documentation: Swagger

Monitoring and Profiling: JConsole and Java Mission Critical

Performance: JMeter, Influx DB, Grafana, Prometheus, Micrometer, JMX

Containers or Virtualization: Docker, Docker-Compose

Protocols: HTTPs w/ REST or SOAP, TCP w/ MLLP (HL7)

Healthcare: HL7 v2, FHIR, CDA, IHE (ATNA, PIX, PDQ)

Industry Compliance: EU MDR, GDPR , LGPD, ISO-13485

Philips Clinical Informatics

Blumenau (Brazil)
2019 to 2021

Senior Software Architect

Major Accomplishments

Deployment of a entire new Integration Platform (Tasy Interface Engine)

Major Duties

Defining the scope and challenges with partners and identifying key issues

Delivering a reference architecture: creating well-defined building blocks / system options & scenarios choosing the optimal architecture, bringing to bear technology and orchestrate roadmaps as well as establishing control points (IP)

Ensuring a solid, up-to-date and usable documentation of the architecture and its implementation

Driving an accepted implementation of architecture, incl. validation and verification

Establishing architecture lifecycle management and teaming-up for impact

Acting within the entire context of the business, organization, roadmaps, external world, overall ecosystem

Seeking for convergence, bringing together prior art and internal and external trends

Guide and support development teams in a global multi-location environment, mostly located in Brazil, USA and India

Covering multiple domains, distributed systems and a large sort of technology areas

Work integrated with pre and post-sales team to deliver the best solution and guidance to customers, mostly located in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Germany and Australia

On SAFe, execute the RTE position, facilitating and coordinating the PI Plannings

Technical Detailing

SME: Software Architecture, AWS, Cloud Foundry, Java, Performance Improv., Profiling, Linux

Agile: SAFe, Scrum + Kanban

BackEnd: Java 1.8, Gradle, Jacoco, Weld, Guice, Hibernate, Sonar, Apache Camel

FrontEnd: React

Infrastructure: AWS, Cloud Foundry, HSDP

Database: MongoDB, Oracle

Versioning: Git

API Documentation: Swagger

Monitoring and Profiling: JConsole and Java Mission Critical

Performance: JMeter, Influx DB, Grafana, Prometheus, Micrometer, JMX

Containers or Virtualization: Docker, Docker-Compose

Protocols: HTTPs w/ REST or SOAP, TCP w/ MLLP (HL7)

Healthcare: HL7 v2, FHIR, CDA, IHE (ATNA, PIX, PDQ)

Industry Compliance: EU MDR, GDPR , LGPD, ISO-13485

Zoop Payments

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2018 to 2019

Head of Physical Payments / Manager

Major Accomplishments

Homologation of new devices on all supported acquires

Sales increase around 10% per month

Reduced customer churn rate

From 0 to millions of income on physical payments

Major Duties

Leader of leaders

Managing 10 headcounts

Develop, manage and prepare the software development team.

Guide, coach, and mentor software development engineers.

Provide project management and technical leadership for every aspect of the software.

Prepare lifecycle for different projects inclusive of research, development, design, evaluation, testing along with delivery to product management.

Supervise architecture plus lead efforts to develop a technical roadmap of all projects.

Establish and stimulate software development standards and processes along with best practices for the delivery of scalable and high-quality software.

Perform closely with Engineers, Developers and Product Management throughout the organization to influence product development assisting or improving products.

Develop relations with existing and prospective internal customers to interpret all individual requirements.

Learn and display as to how products would add value to the respective business.

Ensure top quality design reviews attaining business goals.

Supervise resource allocation to assure the attainment of apt business and personnel development goals.

Involve in strategic plans to accomplish technical as well as business with leadership chain, team and with customers.

Manage and execute software development projects from beginning to finish.

Evaluate projects, develop and update schedules plus supervise project status.

Collaborate effectively with all team members as well as hold regular team meetings.

Align the strategy with CTO and other IT Heads

Manage the technical products roadmap and keep JIRA update

Zoop Payments

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2017 to 2018

Software Architect / Lead Software Architect

Zoop enables online and offline marketplaces to easily incorporate card-present (face-to-face) and card-not-present (e/m-commerce) payment acceptance in a flexible way into both web and mobile platforms. Developers can easily build apps that securely accept payments and offer digital payments to buyers and sellers. Our flexible SDK/API seamlessly integrates into existing systems, so that you can combine it with your own business logic. Pursuing the most efficient ways to deliver the fastest and most reliable payment transactions ever made.

Major Accomplishments

From 0 to millions of earning per month with Physical Payments

Homologation of 5+ devices on all supported acquires

Introduction of a new acquirer on the flight, with zero down-time

Recognition: Top 10 Collaborators (Seleção Magenta)

Major Duties

Leading 9 headcounts

Definition of processes, architecture governance, and systems mapping;

Definition and planning of target architecture and roadmap in alignment with business strategy;

Definition of principles and standards for solutions;

Systems and infrastructure's mapping and documentation

Ensure solutions performance, scalability, reuse, availability, and security;

Clarity regarding the standardized technologies to be adopted;

A clear view of the map of applications and their potential gaps;

Validation of all technical drawings proposed (platforms, integrations, data models, etc.);

Build a long-term vision in alignment with business strategy;

Provide strategic technology and innovation strategy;

New Releases Launch cycle management

Intellectual capital management;

Manage technical interdependence between programs;

Start, maintain and disseminate architecture maps

Supervise the automated tests writing process, working together with the team for quality assurance;

Technical Detailing

BackEnd Java: Java 1.8, Spring Boot, Undertow, Maven, Gradle, Jacoco, Sonar

Infrastructure: AWS

AWS: SNS, SQS, API Gateway, Route 53, Load Balancers (NLB, ELB, ALB), S3

Serverless: Lambda (with SAM)

Database: MongoDB (EC2), MySQL (RDS), DynamoDB

Versioning: Git

Documentation: Swagger

Monitoring and Profiling: New Relic APM, JConsole and Java Mission Critical

Containers or Virtualization: Docker and Vagrant

Security: WAF

Protocols: HTTPs, HTTPs w/ Protocol-Buffers, HTTPs w/ ISO-8583, WSS (Secure Websocket)

Metrics: New Relic Insights

Payments: EMV Kernel

Industry Compliance: PCI


Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2017 to present

Master Degree in Systems and Computing Engineering

Microservices Communication Critical Path Discovery

Project associated to Master Degree's Research related to Component-based Architecture and reusability.

Technical Detailing

Programming Languages: Java and NodeJS

Java Stack: Spring Boot, Spring Data Neo4J, Spring Cloud Consul

NodeJS Stack: [Coming Soon]

Graph Database: Neo4j

Containerization: Docker Engine and Docker Compose

Service Discovery, Registry and K/V Store: Consul

Front: JQuery (JS)

IAAS: Amazon AWS

General Electric

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2015 to 2017

Software Engineer

Working with Healthcare Business, was possible demonstrate versatility on executing all roles of team, as Front End, QA and Back End Engineer as also Scrum Master during a time needed. During the project, several contributions were made to performance improvement, process improvement, promotion of higher quality on deliveries and use of most updated technologies to web applications.

During the Healthcloud project i was able to work on all team's roles, as Front End, QA and Back End Engineer as also Scrum Master during a time needed. During the project, several contributions were made to performance improvement, process improvement, promotion of higher quality on deliveries and use of the most updated technologies to web applications.

SME: Java, Maven, Spring Framework, Performance Improvements, Profiling, Sonar

Technical Detailing

BackEnd: Java 1.8, Node JS, Spring Boot, Jersey, Maven, Spring Security, Mockito, Jacoco, Sonar FrontEnd: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Mocha, Karma, Chai, Instanbul, Sonar, Grunt, NPM Infrastructure: Hudson, Electric Flow, AWS, Couchbase, Postgres (NoSQL), Predix, Perforce, Git, Pivotal Cloud Foundry Healthcare: FHIR, DICOM, XDS, PIX, PDQ, CDA, HL7, PACS, MPI QA: Selenium, Serenity, JBehave Documentation: Swagger Database: Postgres, Couchbase


Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2012 to 2015

Senior System Analyst / Demand Tech Lead

Leading demands involving Offshore Team (Manila / Philippines) ensuring time and quality of deliveries. Work with challenging deadlines and high level of complexity, working integrated with several fronts supported via webservices. Reports weekly and eventually daily on status and monitoring of demands for managers.

SME: Java, Spring Framework, SQL, JQuery, WSDL/XSD

Core Projects

Java 1.5, Spring Portlet (JSR 286) for Vignette Portal 8, JQuery XSD and WSDL validation, Webservices creation (Axis 2 and CXF), server and clients. Oracle 9 and 10g, Continuous Integration with Maven, Hudson and Nexus, Websphere server

No structural Projects

Java 1.5 or 1.6, JBoss or Tomcat server, JSTL, Use of Oracle databases, MySQL or SQL Server SLF4J, Maven, Hudson, Nexus and Sonar. Use of PDCA cycle for continuous improvement

Maintenance Of Legacy Systems

Java 1.4 or 1.5, Ant, Struts and JSP / Servlet, Oracle, JavaScript (DOM)

Provider IT Consulting

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2011 to 2011

Senior System Analyst

Creation / Evolution features for the insurance industry, high level of complexity, high use of asynchronous interactions.

Technical Detailing

IBM DB2 9.7, IBM WebSphere 6.1, IBM RSA 8, Struts 2, Jquery / Ajax / Json Integration with Cobol / CICS Alignment of scope with the client

Rightway Consulting

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2011 to 2011

System Analyst

Fit and fix part of the legacy system to standard Circular 380. Completed the work successfully within the time limits and expectations. It was created a document analysis of present and future risks associated with legacy projects in Java.

Technical Detailing

JDeveloper IDE. BRCAP4J, OC4J, Oracle, PL / SQL, EJB 2.1 and JPA, SVN, WebSphere, Axis 1.4

Central-IT Consulting

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2011 to 2011

System Analyst

Successfully created all environments (DEV, PRD and HML), as well as the complete specification of these. Created a batch integration to assist the synchrony of a library system and the current ERP. Made a preliminary study on the use of Scrum as agile methodology. Resource management, Develop Strategies and help in formulating the project management plan. Survey and Technical and Functional Requirements Specification. Created and configured the report server in order to make possible integration with end users, as well as custom filters.

Technical Detailing

Java J2EE using Spring 3.0. PostgreSQL Database and MySQL version with SVN. JBoss and Tomcat webservers. Configuration and monitoring of dedicated servers with Linux systems. Reports with iReport, Jasper Report Server using as a system of business intelligence (BI).


Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2010 to 2011

System Analyst

Creation of technical specification Creating diagrams using UML. Data Modeling.

Technical Detailing

Spring Portlets (JSR 286) development for Vignette Portal 8. Creation of web services (Axis 2), servers and clients. Use of databases Oracle 9 and 10g Assistance to the development and implementation of JMS AOP - Spring AOP and EJB3 in portlets. JSTL / Spring MVC / JQuery Unit tests with JUnit

Stefanini IT Consulting

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2009 to 2010

System Analyst

Maintenance and evolution of e-commerce sites customer Hermes SA using Java and creation of batch routines.

Technical Detailing

Java, Eclipse, JSF, MVC, SVN, EJB3, Axis2, JAX-WS, JPA, SQL Server

Mioto IT Consulting

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2009 to 2009

System Analyst

Administrator of linux dedicated servers. Creation of batch routines in Java. Creation of web services on demand. Specification of technical and functional requirements. Creation of documentation following standards of good practice. Implementation of SEO

Technical Detailing

J2EE and PHP, SVN, IReport, Spring 3.0, Axis 2, PostgreSQL and MySQL, Tomcat and Apache

Rhealeza IT Consulting

Niterói (Brazil)
2009 to 2009

Support Analyst

IBM / Rhealeza: On contract IBM / Rhealeza allocated in Ampla - Niterói. Methodology of work using SLA. As a team, we kept the SLA above 95% on 300 requests/month.

Technical Detailing

Configuration of Outlook, Exchange, ODBC, Oracle, Access, SAP, EGAT, Synergia. Using disc images, Norton Ghost. Using Windows 2000, XP, Vista

M.O.R.E Project

Niterói (Brazil)
2007 to 2009

Computer Instructor

Windows XP, Office 2003, Linux, Installation and Maintenance of PCs, Creation and Maintenance of Networks

INCA - Instituto Nacional de Câncer

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2008 to 2008

Scientific Initiation

Learn how to code in Perl and using PostgreSQL database working with Linux to assist on actual research.

Research: Pesquisa: Caracterização do gene GBP-2 como um novo marcador molecular de carcinogênese: utilização de ferramentas de bioinformática para a predição de fatores de transcrição, de variantes por splicing e modelagem tridimensional das proteínas variantes

UFF - Universidade Federal Fluminense

Niterói (Brazil)
2007 to 2007

Scientific Initiation

Started in Labview software and Mel, for creating programs with the objective of contributing to the optimization of current research.

Research: Inhibition of Return


Niterói (Brazil)
2006 to 2007

Administrative Assistant

Working in the commercial sector, receiving, processing and organizing orders. On L1 supporting, serving customers through the company's SAC.

Education :

UFRJ - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

2017 to 2020

Master Degree in System and Computing Engineering

Capes Grade: 7

Research Area: Software Engineering - Distributed Systems

Advisor: Claudia Maria Lima Wernner, Dsc.

UFRJ - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

2014 to 2015

MBA in Software Engineering

Monograph: Alta Disponibilidade em Sistemas Distribuidos Baseados em Arquitetura de Software Orientada a Microserviços

Advisor: Fabio Perez Marzullo, Dsc.

UNISUL - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina

2012 to 2014

Technologist Degree in IT Management

Monografia: Estudo de Caso da Aplicacao de Metodologias Ageis em Desenvolvimento de Software

Orientador: Helton Ribeiro Nunes, Msc.

UNIPLI - Universidade Plínio Leite

2011 to 2012

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Incomplete (3/8 periods)

UNIPLI - Universidade Plínio Leite

2009 to 2011

Bachelor Degree in Biomedicine - Incomplete

Incomplete (5/8 periods)

I am good at

My Skill

My Skill

My Professional Strengths

+15 years working with software architecture, software engineering, and applied research, as well as 4+ years as a Leader of Leaders. Main Competencies: team leadership, people management, solutions architecture, software architecture, performance, cloud computing, distributed computing and agile.

  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Architecture
  • People Management
  • Performance
  • Profilling
  • Software Quality



Pretty Good


Language skills






  • OKR
  • Scrum and Kanban
  • Agile
  • People Management
  • Management 3.0
  • ITIL
  • ISO 20000
  • Conflict Management
  • Hiring
  • Career Management
  • Project Management
  • Innovation Management
  • TCO Calculation
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microservice
  • Java
  • Node JS
  • Spring Boot
  • GraphQL
  • WSS
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • MySQL, Postgres
  • SQL Server, Oracle
  • MongoDB, Couchbase
  • Ngynx, HA-Proxy
  • Consul, ETCd
  • React, Angular
  • JAX-WS and Jersey
  • Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Chef
  • Jenkins, Nexus, Sonar
  • CVS, SVN, GIT and Perforce
  • JBOSS and Tomcat
  • Websphere, Weblogic
Certified Knowledge


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My Portfolio
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"Eduardo is a professional extremely committed to all his activities, he has helped me a lot with software testing, test automation during the healthcloud development life cycle, besides being an excellent programmer, Eduardo has knowledge in software testing processes and he is always willing to help the team in different challenges and is very flexible professional."

Diogo Pereira

Software Quality Test Engineer

"Eduardo always demonstrated commitment with timelines and excellence in executing his activities. He is a fast learner with strong interest in developing new technology. He connected very well with the rest of the team and is able to work under pressure"

Marcelo Blois

Director at GE Global Research

"Eduardo is an excellent professional and a great software engineer. His passion for technology and healthcare makes him an example and a reference in our team. He is not only a full stack developer, but also demonstrated skills in performance tuning and test automation. Regarding performance of Java applications, he became a focal point inside our program by providing support to other team members in the US and India. I was also very happy to see that Eduardo was awarded by the team as the member with more recognitions in sprint retrospectives for collaboration and support to his colleagues in the past two years."

Paulo Gallotti Rodrigues

Program Leader at GE Global Research

"Eduardo is an outstanding Software Engineer. I had the oportunity to work with him in some projects and he demonstrated deep technical skills in Software Engineering, Databases, Algorithms and Web. He has the mindset, calm and rational thinking to solve a lot of complex problems. I definitely recommend him to a software engineer position."

Flávio Schuindt

Software Engineer at GE Global Research

"Eduardo is always really committed to delivery the job assigned to him, usually going beyond his tasks and delivering more than assigned to him. He always looks how to improve the product he is working on by doing researching, testing, and making suggestions frequently He always consider performance and scalability when is developing a new feature, changing an existing feature or fixaing bugs. He has wonderful skills as a full stack developer, has good communication skills, and a good team work. Always available for helping, he likes to share his knowledge and help others to grows as professional and person."

Callebe Gomes

Software Engineer at GE Global Research

"I had an oppurtunity to work with Eduardo and his team remotely. it's been a great experience in terms of the value that Eduardo brings to the team in providing alternate approaches solving technology challenges we were facing day to day. In terms of technology,We had to switch from Azure to cloud foundry and AWS in a span of 3 years and Eduardo has proved in successfully adopting to these new changes with ease and self learning. As an Architect and a manager I had great pleasure working with Eduardo. keep up the great work. Best of luck for all your future assignments."

Lalith Vaka

Principal Architect at GE Healthcare

"Eduardo has demonstrated high technical skills as a full stack developer in our Scrum Team. His expertise and solid background with many technologies has been crucial for the success of all our deliveries."

Felipe Saraiva

Scrum Master at GE Global Research

"Mioto is a very dedicated professional, he have knowledge in diverse technologies and can learn any new thing quickly. As full stack developer, Mioto can provide any end to end solution, considering the quality of software. Very good professional that can work in any big company."

Pedro Antunes

Software Engineer at GE Global Research

"Eduardo Mioto is a notable software engineer with a wide range of skills. Very hard-working person who spares no efforts to achieve his goals. In the time we worked together, I also saw Eduardo contributing in test engineering, requirements gathering/grooming and as a scrum master when needed."

Felipe Andrade

Senior Software Engineer at GE Global Research

"Mioto is an excellent professional with whom I had the pleasure of working in the Project Oi Telecommunications by Accenture. He has always been very dedicated and focused in the best solutions to avoid rework as well as excellent technical knowledge. Highly recommended."

Alex Marini

SOA Consultant at Accenture

"Mioto sempre se mostrou preocupado em desenvolver a melhor solução para os problemas, criticando e sugerindo de forma construtiva. Muito focado em resultado e super fácil de trabalhar com ele. Super recomendado."

Anderson Gulão

Architect Vignette / Java at Accenture

"Trabalhei com Eduardo Mioto no time de desenvolvimento de portais por um período relativamente longo. De partida testemunhei sua competência técnica e comprometimento, e com as várias reestruturações do time ao longo do tempo, Mioto também demonstrou ser adaptável à diferentes funções."

Rafael Cotta

Senior Consultant at Accenture

"Mioto is a highly committed professional, experienced in web projects. He is ready to use his experience to work in a stressed situations. He is a very good professional and efficient, always willing to help. Highly recommended Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative, Good Value."

Mario Bacellar

Senior Consultant at Accenture

"Conheço Eduardo há bastante tempo e posso dizer que é um profissional responsável, competente e muito comprometido."

Marcelo Morgado

Business Partner

"Eduardo Mioto is a very good professional. I had the pleasure to share experiences and knowledge with him during our Software Engineering MBA in UFRJ. During this time was outstanding his technical knowledge and dedicated profile, demonstrated by their posture through class discussions and presentations. Analytical and responsible are skills easily perceptible in his profile."

Wander Aquino

MBA Student at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Academic Production



Academic Production:



Multicriteria Criticality Suggestion for Established Microservices Oriented Architectures

DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/W9F4T

Abstract: The microservice-oriented software architecture considers the separation of responsibilities for separate components, thus creating a set of interconnected services. In order to assess the criticality in established architectures oriented to microservices, the use of a multicriteria approach is proposed by this dissertation, aiming at suggesting the most critical microservice to aid the decision process of software architects and other decision makers for investment maintenance or evolution of microservices in architectures in use. Intending to pursuit greater stability in established architectures, the proposed approach, supported by the AHP method, performs a dynamic evaluation of multiple criteria with different weights according to the user profile that will use the proposed approach, making it more adherent the need for different profiles and aggregating different points of view in order to more assertively suggest the most critical microservices, outlining the focus of the evolution or maintenance of microservices in established architectures.

Conference Proceeding


A Survey on Microservices Criticality Attributes on Established Architectures

DOI: 10.1109/ICI2ST.2019.00028

Abstract: The microservice oriented software architecture considers the delegation of responsibilities by separate components, thus creating a set of interconnected but independent services. Information about the most critical microservices is relevant to software architects and other decision-makers, thus guiding the maintenance and evolution of architecture in a more assertive and guided way. This paper aims to observe the need for a method to measure criticality in a microservice oriented architecture, motivated by this purpose, during August 2019, a survey with twenty experienced participants from the industry and academia was conducted, where the lack of a grounded method to measure the criticality on established architectures was observed.

Citation: E. Fernandes Mioto de Oliveira dos Santos and C. M. Lima Werner, "A Survey on Microservices Criticality Attributes on Established Architectures," 2019 International Conference on Information Systems and Software Technologies (ICI2ST), Quito, Ecuador, 2019, pp. 149-155, doi: 10.1109/ICI2ST.2019.00028.

Technical Report


Introductory Process Proposal for Microservice's Communication Technologies Selection

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.24654.28483

Abstract: A seleção de tecnologia de comunicação entre microserviços é baseada em atributos de complexa análise e conforme observado por este trabalho, não foi idealizado até este momento a proposta de um processo para auxílio à seleção de tecnologia de comunicação, sendo portanto relevante o estudo acerca deste tema. Neste trabalho é proposto portanto um processo introdutório para auxílio a seleção da tecnologia de comunicação​ ​mais​ ​adequada​ ​ao​ ​contexto​ ​a​ ​ser​ ​inserida.

Technical Report


Corporate Architecture with TOGAF for Strategic Improvement Based on the Introduction of Operational Knowledge Management

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28009.72800

Abstract: O Gerenciamento do Conhecimento (GC) emergiu como uma ferramenta que permite a criação, uso, distribuição e transferência de conhecimento eficiente nas organizações. No núcleo da GC existem três dimensões de análise: pessoas, processos e tecnologia. A Arquitetura Empresarial permite que as empresas visualizem objetos organizacionais em diferentes áreas (negócios, dados, aplicativos e tecnologia) através do uso de modelos. Este trabalho pretende ser um recurso para empresas ou indivíduos que desejam implementar uma iniciativa GC associada a Arquitetura Empresarial.

Technical Report


Working in 2050: A view of how changes on the work will affect society

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.17314.07364

Abstract: Work has changed and it is changing, this could have been said at any time in history. The very meaning of the word “work” is multiple and changed throughout time. Etymologically, its origins go back to the Latin word tripalium which means a torture device [1]. In the Greek society, only slaves or second-class citizens used to work as it was mainly a physical activity considered undesirable by the upper-class people [2]. Work remained as an activity reserved for the unfortunate on the medieval ages as it was considered something terrible by the Catholic Church and the nobles [3]. The ethics of the religious denominations that derived from the Protestant Reformation went in direct opposition with the Catholic perspective of work by viewing it as a mean to salvation [4]. This change in the meaning of work was extremely important for the Industrial Revolution that was to follow for it provided the cultural and moral justification to keep people working for at least 16 hours per day. The industrial revolutions deserve special consideration in the history of work as they represent “profound changes in the means of production” [5], in these periods work suffered severe changes in a short period of time.

Technical Report


The impact of Service Discovery on Distributed Fault Tolerant Architecture

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28848.58887

Abstract: This paper describes the relevance of service discovery on fault tolerant distributed architectures, focusing on microservices oriented architecture, highlighting the weaknesses and trade­offs. Based on failing scenarios and communication trade­offs was proposed two complementary research agendas for future works. The first one focused on discovering, trace and visualize microservices communication critical path, in which is proposed a methodology to sort microservices by criticality on a previously established system, posteriorly enabling the visualization. The second agenda intends to propose a guideline for improving performance, resilience, and mitigation of information loss risk to microservices communication. Both agendas are introduced to be explored for future works, being briefly exposed as well as the introductory argumentation that is a base of these proposals.

MBA Monograph


Alta Disponibilidade em Sistemas Distribuidos Baseados em Arquitetura Orientada a Microservicos

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.29687.44961

Abstract: O presente trabalho objetivou o estudo sobre alta disponibilidade em sistemas distribuídos, com foco na abordagem arquitetural orientada a microserviços, vislumbrando elucidar caminhos que levaram a evolução dos sistemas e arquiteturas e como os desafios do mundo atual promoveram mudanças de paradigmas quanto a solução da disponibilidade dos sistemas. Conceitos acerta de escalabilidade foram tratados e propostos paralelos com tratamento de falhas e contingenciamento em tempo real, bem como a aplicabilidade do abordagem de microserviços neste contexto, e suas implicações. As fases de concepção de um software são citadas e elucidam a importância do correto estudo e dimensionamento ao qual o sistema de propõe, com grande foco em promover a correta fundamentação, coerente proposição frente a necessidade de negócio e resiliente estrutura a qual suportará a evolução quantitativa de usuários e qualitativa de funcionalidades na solução a que se destina. Pontos acerca da infraestrutura foram propostos e trabalhados, bem como boas práticas na implementação de microserviços como arquitetura, fundamentando seu uso e vantagens e desvantagens observadas. Por fim, de modo prático foi descrito um exemplo de sistema no qual foram utilizadas diversas boas práticas da arquitetura mencionada, e os ganhos obtidos ao fim do projeto, e em contrapartida o risco da utilização de outra abordagem menos escalável.

Graduation Monograph


Estudo de Caso da Aplicação de Metodologias Ágeis em Desenvolvimento de Software

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.19621.12004

Abstract: Motivado pela crescente e contínua competividade entre as empresas vislumbrando ganhos de competividade, este estudo de caso pretende demonstrar os ganhos proporcionados pela implementação de metodologias ágeis no desenvolvimento de softwares. Após cada fase do projeto foi realizado um ciclo PDCA (Planejar-Executar-Verificar-Agir do inglês: PLAN - DO - CHECK - ACT), provendo assim a melhoria contínua do processo e o aprendizado constatante da equipe e empresa. Foi realizado um projeto de sistema web direcionado a área financeira com duração de 3 meses, sendo este dividido em 6 etapas, com duração de 2 semanas cada. Os resultados obtidos após a conclusão deste projeto demonstraram a viabilidade da implementação desta metodologia para projetos futuros da empresa em questão, tendo este cumprido de maneira satisfatória os objetivos, tendo sido terminado dentro do cronograma e sendo aderente aos requisitos dos usuários.

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